Thursday, July 9, 2015

Resolution, Oh Seven

Minnesota Center for Book Arts
Summer of 2015

I've been working daily at the center and experimenting with silkscreen and type. 
Today I just completed an edition of 5 unique books. 
Mediums include: ink, acrylic, graphite, and color pencil. 

The poem is by my husband, Carter Clapsadle. 
We're working on another book that will be printed soon.

Resolution, Oh Seven

Text‭: ‬Screen printed in Rockwell bold 30/32
Size‭: ‬accordion—closed 5.5‭"‬‭ ‬x 9‭", ‬extends to 88‭" ‬
Mediums‭: ‬graphite‭, ‬color pencil‭, ‬acrylic‭, ‬and ink
Signed by both artists‭. ‬Deluxe Edition of 5‭ ‬unique books
email‭: ‬

Collaboration with Lin Lacy

Lin and I designed a book using her pressure prints. She had a reserve of old prints. We looked through them and selected several with a nature theme. We started with the word 'eternal' and then searched for other words. After a few weeks we came up with 'momentary.' We had a list of words and decided on the title—Brief Encounters.
Size: 6" x 6." 
8 pages total, the font is Minion Pro. 
These are for sale at the Mn. Center for
Book Arts.