Wednesday, March 30, 2016

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Passage of Birds

Poem by  Carter Clapsadle
Design and Production:  Julie Baugnet, 2015. Edition of 3.

6 x 11.25"; 16 pages including pastedowns. Screen printed in Avenir medium on Rives BFK.

Colophon: This poem came about after experiencing the Sandhill Crane migration on Nebraska's Platte River. … Passage of Birds was created while in residence at Minnesota Center for Book Arts summer of 2015.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Resolution, Oh Seven

Minnesota Center for Book Arts
Summer of 2015

I've been working daily at the center and experimenting with silkscreen and type. 
Today I just completed an edition of 5 unique books. 
Mediums include: ink, acrylic, graphite, and color pencil. 

The poem is by my husband, Carter Clapsadle. 
We're working on another book that will be printed soon.

Resolution, Oh Seven

Text‭: ‬Screen printed in Rockwell bold 30/32
Size‭: ‬accordion—closed 5.5‭"‬‭ ‬x 9‭", ‬extends to 88‭" ‬
Mediums‭: ‬graphite‭, ‬color pencil‭, ‬acrylic‭, ‬and ink
Signed by both artists‭. ‬Deluxe Edition of 5‭ ‬unique books
email‭: ‬

Collaboration with Lin Lacy

Lin and I designed a book using her pressure prints. She had a reserve of old prints. We looked through them and selected several with a nature theme. We started with the word 'eternal' and then searched for other words. After a few weeks we came up with 'momentary.' We had a list of words and decided on the title—Brief Encounters.
Size: 6" x 6." 
8 pages total, the font is Minion Pro. 
These are for sale at the Mn. Center for
Book Arts.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


There is no difference
         between a
                    shattered wing and a burning strip of lace

Like them, love:
translate faraway lands
that we have never left.

Artist: Julie Baugnet
Printed Images: Lin Lacy
Poetry: Felip Costaglioli

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

In Love We Trust

Painter/Book Artist: Julie Baugnet
Poet: Felip Castaglioli

Printing by Super Session Press
Medium: Oil on Rives BFK
Typography: Adobe Garamond

7.5" x  5" (closed)
17.5" x 5" (opened)

Edition of 3  $425.00 each  
Bilingual—English and French, see poem below.

Your hand is in my hand
like a long knife of grass  

and what can’t be compared
we’ll keep under our nails

I am working with gauze
and you    vanishing wound

Fleeing will be my home
trembling fortress at once

and stubborn prisoner:   
a well   chapel   a barn

I’m the top of the page
the folding of the sky

corner of your table
where nothing and no one

nothing can be written
well  still I    have my shadow

at once trembling fortress
and stubborn prisoner

for one no longer knows
which one will be the face

the face of emptiness
and the face of the whole

but one knows the shiver
and the burning caress

caress of the other
there lies my beautiful 


trembling faith 

in you.

Monday, July 28, 2014