Friday, May 21, 2010

LEM Festival in Villa Badessa, Italy MAY 2010

Because of my artist book collaborations with poets using the Occitan and Catalan languages  I was invited to take part in the LEM Conference and Festival (Minority Languages of Europe). The poet and artist event or "festival" included an exhibition in the small town of Villa Badessa. We were given a space in an old olive oil factory. Here are a few photos that show how the exhibition came together.

Robert Lobet & Aurélia Lassaque.

We stayed in the Abruzzo region of Italy,near the Adriatic Sea.

Above, Francisco Juan Molero Prior and Claudio Salvagno.

Below are my collaborative artists' books. Poetry by Felip Costaglioli, in Catalan and English.

Below are the engravings and artists' books of Robert Lobet